How to Change Black+Decker Jigsaw Blade?

A Black+Decker jigsaw is rated as one of the best jigsaws in the market. To get the most out of your tool, you need to know how you can change its blade, as it is necessary to replace the blade according to the material you are working on.

In this article, we will discuss how you can change the blade on a Black+Decker jigsaw. 

How to Change Black+Decker Jigsaw Blade?

Step 1: Unplug the tool if it is corded or remove the battery if you have a battery-powered jigsaw. Never attempt to replace the blade on a jigsaw that is powered up.

Step 2: Depending on the model you have, you may need a flat head screwdriver to replace the blade.

If you have a KS501 or Black+Decker jigsaw with hex screws holding the blade, you will have to loosen two screws to replace the blade. KS 501 uses a U-shank blade. Remove the blade in your jigsaw and replace the required one in its place. Make sure that the teeth are facing the outside of the machine and not inwards. Tighten the screws to fix the blade at its position. Check by moving the blade if it is fixed in its place. Power on your machine and see if it is working all right.


If you have KS901 or Black+Decker jigsaw with a keyless blade holder, you don’t need any tools to replace the blade. All you have to do is push the lever on the jigsaw that holds the blade and then insert the blade in its place. Once the blade is inserted, release the lever and see if the blade is fixed in its place. Turn on the jigsaw to see if it is working properly.


It is a great idea to wear safety gloves if you are changing the blade for the first time and are not comfortable handling sharp objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What blade fits a Black+Decker jigsaw?

Assorted, wood, and metal blades fit a Black+Decker jigsaw. It is best to use manufacturer-recommended blades with a Black+Decker jigsaw.

What safety measures do I need to take while changing the blade on a Black+decker Jigsaw?

You must ensure that the jigsaw is powered off and the cable is removed from the plug, or the battery is removed from cordless models. Moreover, you can wear safety gloves while handling blades.

Which way must a jigsaw blade face?

The face of the blade (side with teeth) must be facing away from the tool. This is the side that comes in contact with the material being cut.

Can I use any other brand blade on a Black+Decker jigsaw?

Yes. Most jigsaw blades are universal and can fit most brands. However, there are a few models that only support manufacturer-made blades.

How can I select the right-sized blade for my Black+Decker jigsaw?

The selection of blade depends on the kind of project you are working on. The size of the blade increases as the material’s nature changes. The softer your material is, the smaller blade will be ideal. For example, a 1-3mm blade will be best for cutting paper patterns. A 7-9mm blade will be ideal for cutting plywood, softwood, and hardwood, and a 13-15mm blade is suggested for cutting through materials like concrete, brick, and stone.

Final Words

You must know how to change the blade on your jigsaw to get the most out of it. Depending on the nature of your project, you may need to replace the blade 4-5 times a day. We have explained the easiest way to replace the blade on all Black+Decker jigsaws.

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