How to Eject Broken Blade from a Harbor Freight Jigsaw?

Harbor Freight Jigsaws are among the most powerful jigsaws you can use for various applications. It delivers unmatched power to provide you with the cutting force for various materials. However, many users mention that the blade brakes when exposed to powerful cutting. It can happen for several reasons; you are using the wrong blade, the blade is dull or damaged, or you are applying too much force while cutting.

Whatever the reason behind a broken blade on your Harbor Freight jigsaw, you need to replace the blade to continue working with your jigsaw. In this article, we will discuss how you can eject (remove) a broken blade from a Harbor Freight jigsaw.

How to Eject Broken Blade from a Harbor Freight Jigsaw?

Please note that the blade ejecting process is similar to removing an unbroken blade. So, there is nothing to worry about while removing a broken blade from a Harbor Freight jigsaw other than that you can injure yourself if you don’t take appropriate safety measures.

Follow the steps below to remove the broken blade from your jigsaw.

Step 1: Take out the power cable or battery from your jigsaw and place it on your work table.

Step 2: Remove the blade if your Harbor Freight jigsaw has one. The blade cover removing mechanism varies from one model to another. It is best if you follow the user manual while doing it.

Step 3: The next step is to see how your jigsaw holds the blade. Some jigsaws have a tensioning knob near the blade slot. Older models have a blade tightening knob at the top of the jigsaw, and some have screws that hold the blade.

Check how your saw holds the blade. Do the needful to loosen the blade.

Check how your saw holds the blade

Step 4: Tilt the jigsaw and carefully pull out the blade. Don’t forget to inspect if the blade slot is damaged; that may be the reason behind the broken blade. Make sure you throw the old blade in the garbage as it can damage your fingers while working.

Step 5: Insert the new blade and put back the blade guard. If your jigsaw has a tightening knob or screws, make sure you don’t overtighten them as it can put extra tension on blade and can break it.

Precautions to take while Removing Broken Blade from a Jigsaw

  • Don’t pull the blade too hard, as it can break the blade completely or lodge it further into the saw.
  • Never use pliers or any other tool to pull out the blade. It can damage your blade or injure your fingers.
  • Make sure you wear safety gloves when working with a broken blade.

Tips to Avoid Frequent Blade Damage

  • Always use the recommended blade for cutting a specific material. There are different blades available for wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Never put too much pressure on the saw or blade while working; remember, it is the tool doing all the work and not you!
  • Always check that your blade is sharp before you set to work. Double-check that no teeth or edges of the blade are broken before you start working.
  • Turn off the saw when you are not using it.

Final Words

So you see that there is no major difference in removing a broken blade or an undamaged blade from Harbor Freight jigsaw. You just need to be a bit more careful while working with a broken blade, as it can injure your hands.

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