How to Unlock Dewalt Table Saw?

When it comes to power and accuracy, Dewalt table saws are rated as top of the line models that you can use to make professional cuts on wood.

To utilize your Dewalt table saw to its full potential, you must know how to unlock the Dewalt table saw. There can be several reasons behind the need to unlock your table saw.

Today, we will discuss how you can unlock a Dewalt table saw to perform various tasks such as replacing the blade, aligning the blade guard splitter, or adjusting the ripe fence.

Let’s see how you can unlock a Dewalt table saw blade

How to unlock the Dewalt table saw to replace the blade?

As already explained, there can be various reasons behind why you need to unlock your Dewalt table saw. We will explain the unlocking method for each purpose below.

Follow the steps below to unlock your Dewalt table saw to remove/replace the blade.

  • Make sure that your saw is powered off and the plug is removed.
  • Remove the safety guard, riving knife, splinter, or any other component that may stop you from accessing the blade.
  • The next step is to unlock the table saw and remove the blade plate. There may be different ways to remove the blade plate from your table saw, depending on your model. If you have Dewalt DWE7485, there is a small clip on the blade plate. Move that clip in the unlock direction and pull out the plate.
  • Now raise the blade all the way so you can access the nut holding the blade in its place. It is best to use the manufacturer-provided wrench to unlock the blade. You can find these wrenches under the table in DWE7485.
  • Use one wrench to hold the nut (arbor) on the backside of the blade and rest it against the saw.
  • Use other wrench to open the bolt on the front side of the blade. Be careful as you do it as you don’t want to lose the nut if it falls.
  • Once the nut is loose enough, use your fingers to take it off. Now you can remove the blade and replace it.

So you see that unlocking a Dewalt table saw is pretty easy for changing the blade.

How to unlock the Dewalt table saw to align Blade and Splitter?

To make sure that your Dewalt table saw cuts in the right way, it is critical to ensure that the splitter is aligned correctly. If it is not aligned, it can lead to twisting and kickback, causing severe injuries.

To unlock the Dewalt table to check if the blade is aligned to the splitter or not, you need to remove the blade plate but don’t remove the blade for this step.

Place a square against the blade and see if the splitter and blade at parallel to each other. If they are, that’s some good news. If not, open the user manual and see how you can make them parallel to each other.

Tile the blade to 45-degrees and see if the blade and splitter are in line here.

How to unlock the Dewalt table saw to align the Rip Fence?

Once you open the blade plate by unlocking the lever on it, you can align the rip fence.

Rip fence alignment is critical for rip cuts and getting straight cuts.

The following video explains how to align the rip fence with the blade.

Final Words

You must understand how these things work on a tool to get the maximum out of it. You’ll be surprised to know how many things your table saw can do if you know how to operate it to its full potential.

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